Reporting to management / evidence reconstruction and hypothesis

In this article I am covering the main points proved in the previous article, Network Forensics – Traffic Analysis (2)

In order to report to management we will need to create a timeline that can be checked and that is supported by the evidence extracted from the pcap file. I am starting by a timeline of events,

  1. Packet capture started at 13:34:08 2009-10-10
  2. Network interrogated with ARP for IP at 13:34:11 2009-10-10
  3. sends a response with its MAC address 00:21:70:4d:4f:ae
  4. (Ann’s computer) sends a DNS query for 13:35:30 2009-10-10
  5. DNS response to, is in at 13:35:30 2009-10-10
  6. smtp conversation to at 13:35:30 2009-10-10
  7. smtp conversation to at 13:38:11 2009-10-10
  8. Packet capture finished at 13:38:22 2009-10-10

The hypothesis supported by the previous time-line and evidence extracted is the following,

  1. Annś laptop probably a Dell Laptop by the Mac identified in the capture sent a DNS request to connect to to the email server in
  2. After the initial request she sent an email to her accomplice out of the organization to meet him
  3. Ann also contacted her lover mistersecretx to meet him in Mexico

From the analysis we can conclude that Ann has been involved in insider threat activities. At this point is a must to present a report to management containing and summarizing the above details. This report has to be accompanied by the evidence extracted from the analysis to support the evidences. In oder to make this evidence and hypothesis being considered in court it is important to adhere to the digital evidence preservation guidelines you can find in the following link.

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