Book: Ten strategies of a world-class Cybersecurity Operations Center

This is the last book I just finished reading, I am going to be honest with you it is a very tedious book to read if you are not new to the field however I do not want to undervalue the book as it is a very important source of knowledge for those in the … Continue reading Book: Ten strategies of a world-class Cybersecurity Operations Center

Asymmetric Cyber Warfare (White Paper)

Digging into the concept of asymmetric cyber warfare and looking for current examples I got to the following white papers which provide an explanation and describe the asymmetric warfare concept. It is also discussed one the most sounded cases of asymmetric cyber warfare known until today, the Jester case.

Android Malware Analysis (white papers)

Are you currently interested or doing android malware analysis? then these white papers are a must read for you. These white papers will not discuss current tools and techniques but the current attack vectors for Android apps and therefore what you need to look for when analysing your apk's. Dissecting Android Malware: Characterization and Evolution … Continue reading Android Malware Analysis (white papers)

Offensive Cyber Counterintelligence (white paper)

Interesting white paper, I would not have called Offensive Cyber Counterintelligence as it mainly conveys the idea of creating intelligence from the adversary. Nowaday  there are disciplines such as Cyber Threat Intelligence for this sort of intelligence. I understand the Cyber Counterintelligence as a branch of the intelligence which is concerned with keeping information out of … Continue reading Offensive Cyber Counterintelligence (white paper)

Incident analysis methodologies

In the past I researched for analysis methodologies in order to ascertain if the incidents flagged up by the security systems were true positives however  I could not find much about it. I was looking for a set of processes or steps that I could repeat over time and that lead me to a conclusion … Continue reading Incident analysis methodologies