Active Cyber Defense Tactics

Active cyber defense (ACD) is the concept of proactively opposing an attack in computers and networks. There are a series of tactics that can be applied in order to mitigate risk or detect adversaries inside the network. Active Hunting Security operations team focuses on reactive detection mainly based on signatures. In this scenario advanced attackers … Continue reading Active Cyber Defense Tactics

Advance Hunting and Content Development with RSA Analytics

Looking to extend my knowledge on Security Analytics from RSA I came across this video. It explains very well some of the capabilities SA from RSA provides, also some good practices to follow such as involved defenders in content development. It is a long video but easy to watch.

Reflections on how to become a cyber security specialist

Watching some videos on youtube I came across the following video, I found it very interesting especially if you are looking to understand how candidates are measured in order to get a job. The author of the video divided very well the areas needed in order to have a stable career in Cyber, Experience Certifications … Continue reading Reflections on how to become a cyber security specialist