All you ever wanted to know about malvertising

I just decided in the last minute that I am not going to write this article you are reading. Instead I am going to copy the links to 2 different video presentations and I am going to leave you with the real experts in this area. Both presentations are by RiskIQ personnel. If you are … Continue reading All you ever wanted to know about malvertising

Threat hunting quick fix

Are you currently threat hunting and not finding much? I do not support this threat hunting modality however it is true that I use it when I do not have the time to go on a hunting trip and keep focused. This is not a silver bullet but it is true that it can help … Continue reading Threat hunting quick fix

Malware Intelligence (white paper)

Reading though the news some days ago I found an interesting white paper related to malware intelligence and public sandboxes in internet such as Virustotal, Malwr, Threat track and some others. In the past, I ¬†wondered if someone in these organizations was looking at millions of submissions that happen every day, with the aim to … Continue reading Malware Intelligence (white paper)

Cyber Threat Hunting (3): Hunting in the perimeter

In this third post we are going to see what we need to look at when hunting and detecting adversaries in the perimeter. We are also going to look at some of the firewall technologies and their log formats in order to detect anomalies in the inbound and outbound traffic in your network.     … Continue reading Cyber Threat Hunting (3): Hunting in the perimeter