The Most Dangerous Town on the Internet

A couple of days ago I was recommended these 2 documentaries, they are short but concise and they show how cyber criminality is on the rise. In the first documentary they explain how Romania as a result of its history is seeing a surge in cyber criminal activities. It is an excellent testimony from some of these ‘front  line criminals’.

Key takeaways:

  1. Cyber criminality is associated to poverty
  2. Hacking community has strong bonds on the internet where they share and learn from each other
  3. In a war scenario you send soldiers to fight soldiers, you wouldn’t send monks

The last one made me laugh, the level of sophistication of many of these hackers is so high that makes the defender looks like a smurf.

In the second they deal with bulletproof hosting providers, this is a legitimate business however many of them are also giving shelter to criminals. They are hiding in plain sight and therefore it is more difficult to take them down.

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