The ultimate targeted attack: Malvertisements

I am very surprised to see the title of this video, it should have included malvertising in it however if someone would have asked me about malvertising I would have undoubtedly answered ‘Elias Manousos’. Him and RiskIQ are today the pioneers in the field of external threat surface.

The number of views demonstrate how low the number of viewers is and unfortunately, this is one the videos that if you are currently working in cyber security whether you are a practitioner or manager you should watch.

Malvertising is an emerging attack vector that does not seem to be very popular yet in the enterprise world neither very well known among the security professionals. I am just judging because of the amount of resources, technical solutions and material existing today in internet.

The impact is real, it can be a massive vehicle for spreading malware or a terribly targeted attack against your organization. The video is short and to the point, I like the way he presents the subject which goes beyond and shows you how insecure the web architecture it is today and how impactful these attack vectors are. All this done in an elegant way without even mentioning much how powerful their solution is.


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