Cyber Deception: Building the scientific foundation

Looking to understand better cybe deception systems and current state of this technology, I made a thorough search in internet fiding this books in Amazon.


The books is a compendium of different research papers aimed at defining cyber depection, its capabilities and technicalities to design them. If you are interested specifically in the design of these systems then it is worth the price tag. The book is certainly not for the faint hearted as it is 75 % pure maths and engineering.

It is divided in 12 chapters and each of these chapter is a research paper so the book it is really a collection of different researches into the subject. Cyber Deception is still a young and evolving field despite we have been consuming technologies such as this for decades in the shape of honeypots.

This one is a good sample however as I said it can become extremely technical and difficult to digest at times. If you want or need to understand this technology do not look any further as this is potentially one of the few resources you will find discussing this field so in depth.

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