Book review: Leading change, our iceberg is melting

Some months ago I was catching up with a friend of mine, and while we were discussing the joy of having a job, she suggested to me to read the book Leading change, our iceberg is melting.

The book is a fable about penguins written in a very simple language, penguinthe story focuses around leading and enabling change. The fable presents a series of steps that enable change to happens and sets the protagonist penguin as a leader. I knew about some of the concepts explained in this book applied to other contexts, but that did not stop me from enjoying the book and thinking about previous experiences of mine and giggle while I was reading the book.

The story of these penguins starts in the following order:

  • Create a sense of urgency
  • Create the guiding team
  • Develop the vision and change strategy
  • Communicate your vision and buy-in
  • Produce quick wins
  • Keep the momentum going
  • Scale up and create a new culture

During the story some of the characters seemed to be taken from real life, indeed many of the personalities and characters are around in our workplaces. It is also interesting to understand them, because many of us fluctuate and adopt different postures depending on the situation and the team of the moment.

I had completely forgotten that I read this book, and I decided that it is worth spending some minutes to write a review. I totally recommend this book for everybody but especially for those in management, consulting and sales. I personally think that the process does not need to follow exactly this order but if you have been able to develop the vision and change strategy while the situation is urgent or ‘painful’, and you have the right level of buy-in everything else should come easier after these three.

To my friend whom recommended the book, thank you, she has known me for years so she really knew that I needed to dust some of these ideas from my head. I highly recommend this short book, it provides an easy path to understand of how to enable change and leadership in times when you will need it the most.

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