Network Threat Hunting Books

  Here I leave you what are the best books I have ever read for network threat hunting – security monitoring. These books at the time I read them help me to get back on my feet after some long time without firing wireshark and seeing and nice packet capture. I recommend them as they…

The DFIR compendium portal

If you are currently lookinto start a new career or an already established professional you will find valuable information in the following web. It’s a en extensive project that aims at becoming a DFIR compendium of all resources scattered in internet. The portal is very well divided in different sections such as, Education Reading…

Exploring incident response procedures with PagerDuty.

I originally retweeted this information in my account, I often do so with information I want to read but I can not read at the time I find it. When I first skimmed through, what caught my attention was the fact that the organization in this case PagerDuty, was disclosing their internal Incident Response processes….

Memory Forensics with Vshot and Remnux (1)

This is a series of posts in which I am going to quickly explain some basic theory around memory forensics and how to hunt your attacker once he has been identified inside your network. I am also going to alleviate the burden of extracting information from your endpoint memory dump with the Vshot script which…

The top 10 windows logs event’s used to catch hackers

Very interesting presentation by Michael Gough from SecureWorks. It goes through some malware attack examples and the importance of the windows event id’s for their detection. Another must read. The top 10 windows logs event id's used v1.0 from Michael Gough

Intrusion Detection with Windows Event ID’s

This paper is the best I have ever read on how to build IOC’s with Windows Event ID’s. I highly recommend you to read it, it contains very useful information and some very interesting behavioural examples of attacker activity. If you are looking to enhance your detection in your core network this is the document!